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Toy Box Scholars - We Got The Love

1. Going Public

2. Formulate A Process (Feat. Studs, Dialect, Hewgs)

3. How Ya Need This (Feat. Studs, Hewgs, Magma Grapple, Opaque Meridian)

4. Her Time Has Passed

5. Unique Be Me (Feat. Studs, Dialect)

6. We Got The Love (Feat. Studs, Dialect, Hewgs, Need Not Worry, Magma Grapple)

7. A Tribal Connection

8. Three Friends (Feat. Hewgs, Magma Grapple, Studs)

9. Damage Control (Feat. Dreamski Roc, Hewgs)

10. I Gotta Have It (Feat. Dialect)

11. Anti-Wall Flower (Feat. Studs, Dialect, DJ Save 1)

12. Ladies & Gents (Feat. Dialect)

13. It Never Gets Old

14. Goya Nectar (Feat. Studs, Dialect)

15. Peace Of Mind (Feat. Studs, Hewgs, Dialect)

Toy Box Scholars is a six person group from Rhode Island. Their 2007 release, We Got The Love, is just full of chill sounds and is available for free. From beginning to end, the beats are slow and jazzy, while the rhymes are dope and each vocalist does their own thing on the tracks. Three Friends has a sick beat that is impossible not to bob your head to and perfectly matches the flow of Hewgs, who starts off the song. Goya Nectar, probably the best "summer" song I have heard this year, is easy to relate to. This is definitely a must hear. Check out their page at http://www.myspace.com/toyboxscholarshiphopmusic.


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